Brendan D Murphy

Brendan is the author of the critically acclaimed ‘The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality – Book 1’ ( and co-founder of free speech social network ‘Trooth’. He is also the host of Truthiverse podcast ( and radio show and is currently immersed in completing the monumental and ground-breaking Book 2 of ‘The Grand Illusion’ – watch this space.

Keith Wyatt

Keith Wyatt is a student of prophecy, whose 10 year investigation into end-times tales from cultures around the world has revealed that the only way through the fear and suffering in one’s soul… is through it. Thus, awakened to the essential role that hardships play in assisting the soul’s growth, Keith’s prouction company, Awakening As One, has spent the last 10 years making documentary films aimed at uplifting souls by awakening them to the divine purpose and perfection of life, and the Testing Times.




Nicolya Christi

Nicolya Christi is a visionary, futurist, and author. Click here to see her information page complete with audio, video, and links to learn more about her inspirational work.

Chameli Ardagh

Chameli (pronounced sha-meh-lee) is a yogini and women’s wisdom keeper. For more than 28 years she has been immersed in the spiritual studies and practices, and has together with the global awakening women community crystallized maps of spiritual awakening.

Chris Griscom

Ms. Griscom began her work of human outreach in the diplomatic service of the Peace Corps, joining the first wave of volunteers to bridge the gaps of cross-cultural understanding and education in developing countries.

Drew Kampion

Drew was the American Editor of THE SURFER’S PATH, world’s first “green” surf magazine and most recently he created a micro-local email network, called drewslist, which is creating a new template for 21st-century communities.

Margaret Eliza Kaeys

Margaret Eliza is a mystic, spiritual facilitator and mind-deprogramming coach. Her work bridges the gap between theoretical mysticism and the experiential aspect of consciousness awakening. She facilitates the dissolution of the old-world conditioning and assists in the global consciousness shift in these times of transition.