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Nicolya Christi’s first published book – “2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution” – (Bear & Co/Inner Traditions – April 2011) was placed in the top ten of Spring 2011 book reviews by Publishers Weekly. Nobel Prize nominee, Professor Ervin Laszlo, endorsed this book as “The most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject that I have ever read.” Barbara Marx Hubbard stated: “Nicolya Christi is our guide through this evolutionary world shift, one of the best I have encountered.”

Her second mainstream book, “Contemporary Spirituality for an Evolving World: A Handbook for Conscious Evolution-From Personal to Global Transformation” (Bear & Co/Inner Traditions September 2013), is endorsed by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Pierre Pradervand, Rev Peter Owen-Jones and Kingsley Dennis. Ervin Laszlo wrote the foreword.

She is a contributing author for the book ‘2013: The Beginning is Now’ (2011) along with Ervin Laszlo, Jose Arguelles, Geoff Stray, Carl Johan Calleman, Jim Young and Gill Edwards, ‘Dawn of the Akashic Age’ (2013) by Ervin Laszlo and Kingsley Dennis, ‘Beyond Rage & Fear’, (2017) with Jean Houston, Stanislav Grof, Ervin Laszlo, Gary Zukav, Shamik Desai, and Kingsley L. Dennis, and ‘The Handbook of New Paradigm Research’, (2018) with Ervin Laszlo, Lawrence Bloom, John Bunzl, Kingsley L. Dennis, Shamik Desai, Dr Maria Sagi, and Garry Jacobs. Nicolya has just completed the writing of her latest book, which is to be published in 2020.

She is the Founder of WorldShift Movement, which relaunched in May 2019 as WORLDSHIFT.EARTH


Nicolya Christi’s psycho-spiritual awakening began at the age of seventeen under the auspices and influences of Carl Jung, Mahatma Gandhi, and Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. She has a background training in humanistic and transpersonal psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis and Core Process Psychotherapy), Non-Violent Communication, and various other psychological and consciousness transforming disciplines. She has developed various psycho-spiritual maps and models for evolving consciousness that bring new paradigm dimensions to psychological and spiritual understanding.

She has experienced extraordinary encounters with other-worldly/other-dimensional realities, including an intense five-year period of out-of-body experiences (1997-2002), a life-changing near death experience in 2002, and her most profound OBE of all, which occurred in 2009, during which she experienced momentary enlightenment. Her Work is founded upon three fundamental principles: Psychological Integration, Conscious Evolution and Spiritual Awakening, with an evolutionary trajectory towards Self-awareness, Self-awakening, Self-realisation, Self actualisation, and Self-transcendence. The directive of her Work is Personal Transformation for Global Evolution and Inner Peace for World Peace.

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Maiden Voyage - Part 1

by Nicolya Cristi & Robert Davis

By: Nicolya Christi ( &
Kate Kheel (

In our fast-paced information packed technological world, where entertainment and education are ours at the click of a button whenever and wherever we want, mindful choices are necessary in terms of how we access these services. These choices are in fact pivotal, and matter far more than most of us realise. Such decisions have far-reaching implications for our health, the critical balance of the planetary eco-system and the wellbeing of all life on Earth.

Internet and telecommunications carry a “footprint” that cannot be underestimated in size and scale – it is enormous. This footprint however, can vary greatly depending on how, when, and where we access and integrate technology into our lives.

When we tap on the screens of our phones or click our computer mouse to watch online movies and video clips, or to participate in video summits, webinars and conferences, if we connect wirelessly, then there is a price to pay species-wide – and here is why:

At this point in time, data can be transmitted in two primary ways –

1) through wires (fiber or copper)
2) wirelessly through the air by cell towers, 4G/5G “small cells”, satellites or WiFi.

Both wired and wireless connections have benefits and drawbacks. The advantage of wireless, as we know, is that it allows for mobility: A smartphone can be used wherever one goes – although this advantage does have its drawbacks in as much that it can generally lead to over-use, and, in some cases, addiction – a topic for another post. Yet, this is where the advantage of wireless ends and its drawbacks begin. The microwave radiation that is needed to send and receive data wirelessly is extremely harmful to humans and wildlife, and wireless consumes vastly more energy than wired.

Wired technology, however, is unquestionably a far better option for sending and receiving data when mobility is not urgent or essential. Fiber is not only safe, but it is faster and more reliable, energy efficient, cyber secure, and able to withstand extreme weather events – (please note that wired connections include not only wired to the premises but also connecting from the router to our laptop, computer, or other device via an ethernet cable, and deactivating the WIFI).

To send a page of text wirelessly requires a miniscule amount of data and energy; to transmit a stationary image requires more; and to send audio requires considerably more. However, to send video – particularly high definition video – requires exponentially more data and energy than any other form of communication. Those who have monthly internet plans that cap the amount of data they can use may know that just a few hours of video streaming can guzzle a month’s worth of data.

Maiden Voyage - Part 2

by Nicolya Cristi & Robert Davis

The reality is that currently 75% of all video viewing is done from Smart Phones – i.e. wirelessly. Industry speculates that in 2019 85% of all online usage in the US will be from video. All this video streaming will “require” 5G antennas outside our homes, adding another blanket of radiation to the 2G, 3G and 4G networks most or all of which will still be active. Together these ‘G’s’ are poised to form a web of technology that will insinuate itself into the delicately, perfectly attuned and intricately balanced web of life.

All video streaming accessed wirelessly translates into a continuum of unbridled wireless expansion and the mandatory irradiation of every man, woman, child, infant, animal, mammal, bird, insect, tree, plant, flower, and body of water on Earth – and so a shadow looms large in this equation unless we commit to making more appropriate and life-affirming choices.

Couple the threat to health of wireless with the fact that most of our energy is still produced from burning fossil fuels, and we are unwittingly adding yet another burden to our already electromagnetically saturated Earth.

When connecting to the internet wirelessly, the responsible approach is to consider not only our personal preferences or needs in the moment but also the impact our choices will have on the Natural World, of which we are a part. If we watch video or join a video call (Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp/FaceTime, for example), then perhaps we might consider factoring in the enormous environmental footprint of wireless technology as well as the associated negative health effects and make every effort to access these from a fully wired connection. A little planning and foresight can go a long way toward conscious internet consumption and a healthier world.

Our actions have consequences and when equipped with the facts of how our online preferences can negatively impact the overall health and wellbeing of not only ourselves but all lifeforms, we are left with a burning question: Do the benefits of wireless video streaming and video teleconferencing outweigh the harm that they cause? Perhaps we can adopt a more mindful approach in terms of how, when and where we access the internet. Becoming informed empowers us to make healthier and more life-affirming choices and to take conscious and conscientious actions that are both life-honouring and life-serving for all. One simple and effective action you can take right now in your own home is to connect your laptop to your router via an ethernet cord; and, by doing so, help to protect the health and wellbeing of yourself and those with whom you live.