Robert Davis

Your Host for Frontier Theater


35 years of experiential knowledge in the field of Planetary Development





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Robert has for many decades been involved in advancing the call for conscionable life positive agendas. His path was accelerated early by Studying Planetary Development at Goddard College and receiving an MA with a focus on Cosmogenesis, Anthropogenesis and Spiritual Evolution. Robert has been a Life coach, Hypnotherapist, Tofu Maker, Natural Food designer and a very proud father. His passion for communicating positives has led him to the development of an evolving organic continuum of internet shows starting with Light Transitions Radio in 2011 which evolved into Light Transitions Media and it’s current manifestation of Frontier Theater.

Robert believes that there is still time left to shift the planetary culture towards more light and avert the potential calamitous outcome resultant to our current myopic path.