Margaret Eliza Kaeys

Mystic, Spiritual Facilitator & Mind-Deprogramming Coach

About Margaret


Margaret Eliza is a mystic, spiritual facilitator and mind-deprogramming coach. Her work bridges the gap between theoretical mysticism and the experiential aspect of consciousness awakening. She facilitates the dissolution of the old-world conditioning and assists in the global consciousness shift in these times of transition.
Already as a young child, Margaret was intuitively aware of the shamanic perspective, the meditative space, and some yogic practices. This early inner knowing was then overwritten by societal programming and a 9-5 corporate lifestyle. It was not until 2012 when Margaret began to experience a rapid expansion of her consciousness, which led her to transition out of a highly successful corporate career and onto a spiritual journey. 


In the following years she devoted herself to studying the mechanisms of human subconscious, biodynamic osteopathy, martial arts and spiritual practices. In her pursuit of Knowledge she traveled to Europe, South America, Hawaii, and Asia where she acquired the key tools she now uses to facilitate perception shifts in her audiences. In the recent years she underwent further training in spiritual facilitation, embodiment practices, biodynamic healing arts and coaching.

Margaret Eliza currently resides on the beautiful coast of Mexico. She offers courses and personal training to those interested in accelerating their journey of consciousness expansion.

Margaret Eliza is passionate about nurturing her Liberated Minds social media community. She believes that the new ways of creating the New Earth reality can only emerge from our inner shifts, both at the individual and collective levels.


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Interview- Robert and Margaret ponder the possibility that in order to change the world, one has only to change their mind.

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Consciousness Expansion Courses with Margaret Eliza

Margaret Eliza’s courses deprogram concepts commonly used by the mind to construct the “human experience” thus helping her clients to come out of their automatic and prescribed ways of being. Her deepest talent is in facilitating consciousness expansions by guiding people into perspective-shifting embodied experiences. She teaches embodied integration of all aspects of spiritual awakening. For more info on courses, or to register for one today, click on the button below.

Course Descriptions

Freedom from Self – Sabotage

(Includes 4 live 1:1 sessions)

Your self-defeating patterns seem like a mystery until you understand how your subconscious mind is pulling your strings. This program is a very powerful transformation catalyst because it deals directly with the source – your subconscious. What you believe is what you think is what you feel is what you do. We will be shifting your patterns on the belief level,

Making That Leap

You are facing a significant life choice, but are unsure which way to go. You might feel paralyzed by the fear of making the “wrong” decision, hurting others, being unable to see all aspects of the story, and yet, you KNOW something has to change. This program will give you the inspiration and practical tools you need to come out of your mental chaos and find the clarity. The program is designed to shift your perception so that you can make the decision with conviction and assured calmness.

Dismantling Your Triggers

When we’re triggered and feel out of control, we focus on our environment so we don’t have to feel the discomfort. It’s a cycle that tends to get tighter as the time goes by. To step out of the cycle and find freedom, we need to take a closer look at the mechanisms behind our triggers. In this course you’ll experience several revelations as, together, we will uncover what is behind your reactions. Heal wounds, release resentment and feel peace regardless of what is happening in your environment.


Moving To Mexico Resource Portal & Community
Clear roadmap for your relocation

This portal is for people who are considering a move to Mexico, but don’t know where to start. Within this dynamic, constantly updated content you will find:
– Video recording of my “Moving to Mexico” zoom call + detailed presentation notes
– How to find a place to live
– Traveling with pets
– Banking, schooling, healthcare
– More insider info & alerts
– Detailed solutions to possible challenges
– Most common misperceptions
– Path to Mexican residency detailed checklist and instruction
– Community – for questions and feedback

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