As we embark on a 2-year program to thwart what seems to be an eminent Global catastrophe, we hold fast to the belief that humans can change if given the tools and the inspiration.
With 19 out of the last 22 civilizations perishing due to climate change and faulty stewardship I believe we have miraculously reached an evolutionary pivot that can and will allow our higher faculties access to cosmic consciousness within an Omniverse reality. It is clearly time to step into the unknown fully and embrace what yet has not been individually authenticated but simply dreamed, for it is all a dream and on many levels. It is time for a new dream, one that we can and will awaken too.
Frontier Theaters mission is to provide facets to the holism of a new awakened positive future, one based on an immediate quantum collective realization that all existence is a miracle and that life in all forms is to be honored and protected.
We do not have time to take the long way home, the shift of planetary consciousness needs to happen in as many people as it will take to shift a global system, on a Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychic and Spiritual level parallel to a symbiotic economic system that adjusts smoothly to the holistic transformation of culture.
We must become the star culture that we have been waiting for and become it now.
My most recent guests Nicolya Christi and Chris Griscom both offered tools for self -healing and both pointed out the need for a deep cultural healing, a healing that purges our collective historic unconsciousness, as well as our current life birth trauma. The root of who and what we are is unnecessarily burdened by our psychogenetic past. A past that filters the expression of our current soul light and its degree of radiance. It is time for a Light Contagion, one that meets everyone exactly where they are and simultaneously invites their soul to participate in an epic adventure, an adventure of advancing themselves and a planet, a planet and culture to be continued.
Join us, as we build momentum bringing forth guests that catalyze the process of positive change,
By Miracle and by Light, With Love,