To what end is the difference to be made?

Can a few offset the many?.

What % of the collective subservience can be ascribed to collective/individual Karma?

What % of the collective subservience can be ascribed to Indoctrination and socialization?

What if our true history were broadcast though the various mass media platforms?

Are we in the bowels of a Kali yuga and deprived of the cosmic prana from the galactic center?

Are we in a Dwapara Yuga(Age of Energy)of a lesser cycle and ascending according to Sri Yukteswar?

Most Humans in the US are pharmacolically dependent and destined via the gene therapy shot to become more so.

Education needs to be completely restructured, immediately and contextually joined to the Multiverse/ Omniverse reality.

Light is a key to unveiling and recoding the DNA necessary to uplift consciousness immediately.

What does a collective awakening look like via a vertical model, roots to flower. What does the economy look like as a back drop?

Tribal communities such as the Abode of the Message, Findhorn, Auroville and Arco Santi all have modeled Chreodes for exploration, possible pathways into the future.

Will our extraterrestrial kindred appear in mass to guide us further on our timeless multi dimensional journey?

How about Skinwalker Ranch?

Can the sacredness of all life be reinstituted as a foundation supporting the miracle of life.

It’s not like the information is not available, a long list of seer’s have offered clear insights on where we are going and how we may get there.

So, we find ourselves afloat, amidst and upon a moving tectonic plate of time, a dream plane and how can that knowing transform enough souls to offset the calamitous curves ahead?

The knowing is before us all, the integration and embodiment is at hand and heart..

Light,Breath and Diet underlying the life stations of Dharma, Arta Kama and Moksha.

Oh the Light, the Light, the Light.

With love,