Chances Are 

 Individuated self realization is the key to surviving the 6th mass extinction event we are participating in. 21 of the last 23 civilizations that we exoterically catalogue as our history, have failed. What common denominator can be cast to attract enough to energetically advance the current reality into a 5th dimensional reality, a reality that may get us through, Can enough collective Karma be mollified so we can collectively slide through the banked corner of planetary continuance. Can enough individuals change quickly enough and embody the lifestyle consciousness necessary to lift up the dimensional field, can enough change the Global Political System, Health care system, Financial system and Food system in time to avert mass suffering?

The answer is yes, though challenging and dependent on a very deep magic, a magic that lys just beyond our rational minds, a magic that illumines, uplifts, clarifies and transforms ones view of reality instantaneously.  Of course the Karma’s could be too strong to transform and or our Alien brethren and sisters could intercede and catalyze the needed magic ala The Day The Earth Stood Still.

The excitement is breath taking so watch your breath, do not allow it to be taken, focus on Yes’s vs No’s, Light vs Darkness, Hope vs Despair and Love vs Hate.

Be the light that illumines the shadows.

Be the joy that softens the sorrows

Be the wisdom that points the way.

One soul at a time.

With love,

Robert Davis

Happy Equinox.