Pray Tell


It was a new silence, one that had a crisp scent of potentials. Potentials fresh out of the cosmic box of possibilities. Time seemed to increase offering its balm of dynamic relaxation, a life style yoga of Breath, Witnessing and Grateful Prayer. The commonality of connection was proportionate to the spectrum of karass comminglings and what linkage appeared as a result.

The new physics of magic allows for energy to be transmitted instantaneously making a global web of attuned participants possible. 

The Magic is upon us.

And Has Been.

The wave of the late 60’s and 70’s  gifted us with a number of potent messenger organizations.

The Lindisfarne Association 

The New Alchemy Institute.

The Farallones Institute.

The Rocky Mountain Institute

The World Watch Institute

The Institute for Local Self Reliance.

The Farm



Abode of the Message

Omega Institute

Esalen Institute 

We need not be surprised,

We can only be where we are now and softly subscribe to our self internalized sense of waking up from a dream and dreaming a new dream, we can dream consciously, lovingly and joyfully. A dream of positive functional creative connection with a morphic field of commonality, geared subconsciously to the creation of a new time line or parallel reality that eventually subsumes the Culture Merchants present dominance.

We come connected in time to a cosmic past that is slowly being revealed, stoking the fires of planetary transformation and survival.

Flow, Allowance 

Gratitude and Grace.

Be thy guide.