Attentive Acquiescence



The maze of rightful action is alive with pulsating possibilities.

The holographic portrayal of spaceship earth is perfect yet expectationally imbalanced, in regard to the mitigation of humankinds suffering.

The strata of potential explanations lead us into the ethers of multidimensional answers. Answers that are cosmically expansive escaping from the dimensional constraints of our current culture, melodically beckoning for us to return home, home to our heritage as star beings on a magical spaceship traveling at 66,627 miles per hour within and upon a solar system traveling 448,000 miles per hour around the Milky Way.

How can we sleep when our beds are burning?

Yet for some, albeit individual and or collective Karma, the path is conjoint of a destructive paradigm, one that has been programed into the essential nature of the many.

The path of our survival lies on another level, well beyond the dense bombastic rhetoric of the global media and geopolitical system


So how now.

Attentive acquiescence to your light, trusting in the next step with your heart and soul. Greeting the moments before you with gratitude and thankfulness.

Your time, our time to be, is now.



With Love Robert