•                                                          Omniversing.                                                                    There is no getting there, there is only acknowledgment of what is already evident.Disclosure of who and what we are is at hand, the acceptance of what this is, is at heart.All are invited, knowing that all will not attend.

    The attendees are in and around town, emanating a self-knowing smile often with a countenance of peace and acceptance.

    The tribe is moving, moving forward in heretofore uncharted ways, yet ways of rightfulness and sustainable efficiencies.


    It is an individuals dream into cooperative manifestation, the details are not offered before the fire of liberation and self-freedom and the deep draft of Soma.

    The flow of creation is within us preparing for projections of a more expansive transformative reality. All within the safe bodily context of who you are now, rustling with energy of who you are becoming.


    And that becoming when it becomes a became will have changed the course of time as we know it and the life flow riding upon it’s currents.


    Finding one’s peace and gratitude unlocks the Ah Ha’s of moment to moment existence which is now seen as a miracle. To be aware of ones being is a black hole into the deepest magic and holy of holies, as you claim your destiny as a participating soul in the evolution and healing of Planet Earth.

    Each new day is another opportunity to be and share the magic, gratitude and joy.



    Allow yourself to find yourself.



    With Love,



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