Having it in your blood



The eternal will to survive divided by the sheer amazement at what life is, deliciously hides at the roots and sprigs of an emerging paradigm, a paradigm that bears witness to the sacred dream of life, all life and on all dimensions.


The stark stop that accompanies free moments of clean, clear life observation are on the rise, more and more sense and feel the swell of rightful action, an expanded context to life and coconspirator in the birth of a new reality, one that is of a future science akin to this time as magic.


It is all on, in and beyond time, our new playing field becomes the Omniverse with untold horizons upon which we can now cast our visions and dreams for a loving, free future.

Embrace the energy that afford’s us via the polarity of current circumstance a path and an opportunity to a positive planetary future, one we are honored to bushwhack.


Bushwhacking are us.



That is why we are here.


One breath, one moment at a time.



Thank you,




Love, Robert