Please and Thank You.


Congratulations on being alive at this moment in time.  As part of a holographic universe and biocentric revelation you and we have been given the prestigious opportunity of creating a new time-line for Planet Earths evolution, a time-line that we carry, each of us, via a genetic code.

Our purposeful incarnational moment pits us squarely against a number of negative time-line variants, most of which dove tail into a crashing crescendo, of yet another planetary culture biting the dust.

As we broach the breadth and infinitude of possibilities more souls are catalyzed consciously and sub consciously creating a new reality via the total and unequivocal acceptance of self, a self of timelessness inset within a temporal form.


The veil though still present is thinning at a number of key spots, revealing instinctual truths and reckonings. Not unlike a self perpetuated two person powered Ferris wheel that is just about to clear the top on its downward decent, we are potential and are about to collectively collapse the indeterminate probabilities of cultural survival into a cogent model.


 Time it is for trusting the self actualization of as many souls as soon as possible, each uniquely contributing to a new planetary vision, one that is harmonic and sustainable.

It is a Yin moment, fully accepting life and breathing in the possibilities for a positive future, our positive future.


It has already happened and all we need to do is wake up to the new dream of who and what we are, the new dream living the sacredness of life, a lifestyle celebrating the light and magic of being fully alive.




Now is the new Soon.


With Love,