How about now.



Head long and feet first we have arrived.

A process of self-articulation with embodiment is at hand.

It will not be another who saves you, it is all you time.


The self-articulation or atonement catalyzes the ability to participate in a dimension that is slowly fading away amidst the whispers of a new one just arriving. So new, our imaginations are still warming up to grok the potentialities before us.


It is an inside job, organically unfolding moment by moment as has been said many times, many ways.


The cognition of self as universe affords many positives for the individual and global space ship scale, as one begets the other.


One cannot change another as each is allowed their proper temporal unfoldment, an unfoldment into Ultra Hominization within the Ominverse reality context.

Education and the presentation of salient survival options need be called forth.



A counter or harmonic to the very loud reality merchants, selling us their wares can be one balm for the individual/collective soul, a vision of creation and continuum advancement for the Planet we share the deepest ecology with is the song and we the singers.

We are also the miracle, as is everything around us, we are gifted with time and experiences here, a life it is called. For this new year more and more each day will awaken, to celebrate the sacredness of their life and life around them, this recognition is grace and may grace shine on us all, in this new year and beyond.


Thank you,


With Love,