Cutting through the Mix.



As a new collective reality fast approaches it beckons for a periscopial perspective. One that ascends above the clutter of dysfunctional parental misinformation. There are a plethora of PHD’s, Doctors, Healers and Social Media Sages pontificating within a context and framework that unfortunately does not contain the answers. True, we must travel from here to there, one way or another and to collectivize the optimum via an all in free pathway seems impossible based on the millions of individual realities at hand. So how do we invite a new reality into our being and how does this reality harmonize with the gross divergent soul types, Dosha’s and intelligence levels not counting the Human Design and Vedic/Western Astrology permutations?

Survival is a common thread that can cantilever the fulcrum towards a Quantum collective realization of who and what we are. The organic process will self-organize in ways unthinkable within the current Kali intelligence field that is pregnant with pockets of Satya awareness.


How many will it take to self-actualize the needed, economic, social, political and personal reforms needed instantly to offset the run away horse trajectory of collective control.


It is outside the dodecahedron of traditional planning models and instead must rely on wholesale individual transformation, an Omniverse citizen is called forth, more and more each day.


The net result, is a possibility that we survive as a Planetary culture and rightfully step into our heritage as a Star Culture.


No time to blame or judge those that hold fast to antiquated realities, our energy is better utilized for self discovery and whole body alignment with health and wellness.

Prana is food and our conscious attunement to each breath and it’s inherent nourishment can support the change we are destined to embody.



More and More each day.


More and More a New Way


With Love,