Wondering into a New Paradigm.


Paradigms are in a constant flow of change, as we are.


The magic bullet of wholesale cultural transformation dangles as a potential prerequisite for Planetary Survival.

The 100th monkey net consciousness evokes strong maybe’s, couched as the number of cosmic survivalists required to flip the pancake of functional adaptational existence.

Mobilized heartfully and spiritually upon what many would surmise as being a very tight time line.

However, we are geared for such an exercise.


Many are positing approaches to these epochalific times.

Soul callings as to each and every ones celestial proclivities reveal a mosaic of personal pathways to the field of positive harmonic cooperation.


A Satya Yuga reality would be timely, however it seems by many accounts especially to Sri Yukteswar, we are a few Yugas removed with most of the Treta and Dwapara Yuga’s still waiting before us to be experienced.



So, what are the prescriptions for 7,800,000,000 souls today and what does the Planet look and feel like when the prescriptions work, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Psychologically, Psychically, Spiritually and Economically. How does the media morph to represent the action steps called forth to support the critical time lines immediately beneath us.


The differentiation of soul types can play together respective to the heartfull embrace of their own world reality, realizing genetically their honoring of survival for all.


It will not be realized upon its plane of creation, a new way is before us, non cataloged and un charted, a way that is coded in the light. Time to dial a reality via intention and atonement to your lightest and deepest knowing.


Through each’s becoming it shall be known,


And Then……….



With Love,





Thank you, Juliet Carter.