Solutions Are Us.


Seeking a parentalized savior, albeit political or metaphysical is not the Us approach key that fits into the survival lock needed at this time.


So how does an infinitude of disparate soul groups advance consciously into the harmonics required to dissolve the sick paradigm currently about us? How do we counter the fraudulence of mass information that sticks to the receptive socialized minds of so, so many?

How do we advance the intellect and consciousness of 7.8 Billion people to a level that is responsive to the sacredness of all life. How do we shift an economic system of slavery to one of right livelihood values? How do we restructure our education system from gross ineptitude and erudite educators to conscious curriculums that offer a true history of Humans with a Star Culture past, one taught by teachers who have self-realized the human spirit.


A task no doubt assessed by 21 of the last 23 civilizations that have perished.


The answer is in the one, the us and in the Light.


Based on our need to transform our reality immediately the solution is akin to magic or a new physics, one consistent with an Omniverse context. Light is pivotal as a transfer medium for the necessary uploads needed to recalibrate our co-creative function. For it will be through the conscious entrainment of the light that our so-called source codes can be realigned and upgraded to a new reality matrix, consistent with our continued survival upon the planet.


There will be no business as usual or new normal going forward if we are to truly break the shackles of our mutant past.

An organically unfolding new uncharted future awaits us, one that emerges from within us, in unexpected magical ways.


There will be no time or space for right or wrongs, only time for heartful soulful action, genetically driven via the light, towards the photo finish of our planetary survival.


With Love,


Robert Davis


Thank you,


Terence Mckenna

“It’s clearly a crisis of two things: of consciousness and conditioning. We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; But we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. We must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behavior. And, it’s not easy.”