Utterly Possible


Besides the Astrological Karmic influences resides a source seed filled with light.  I believe we have always had it and it is an adaptogen for our dance into an awakened co-creation, a quantum harmonic geared to survival of self and creation outside and within us.

Harmonics in the key of light reflect the potential luminosity of an awakened humankind, it is happening. The new pattern makers are close at hand soon to offer a design model that offers a pathway and a glimpse of who and what a star being is and how that is you. It is in that knowing an Omniverse context is actualized and a most wondrous adaptive behavior manifests.

That mass behavior once mobilized and lightly fueled can be a tour de force in short timing the full-scale symbiotic reset on the life we have known, concurrently creating a new way of existing on the Planet. A way that is in the process of being imagined.


Thank you for imagining,





The Fall and the Rising.