Post Whack


Welcome to the Omniverse, a multidimensional infinitude of possibilities, possibilities that range far beyond the current Human mind and body, one that  was seeded 780,000 years ago via a 2nd Chromosome fusion event enacted by Pleiadian’s, the construct provides fodder for Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s assessment of increasing consciousness proportionate to the increase in the Cerebral Cortex and Cerebellum which has grown and reflects our current state of pre Ultra Hominisation. The fusion occurred in an unusual location on the intron of a gene. The gene is DDX11L2 and is associated with brain evolution  as well as the nervous, muscular, immune and reproductive systems. The nouveau regenerated Hominid is US.

To some it may be surprising, but I believe to a vast many it will be old news awakened and or partially intuited news that gives relief as to the spaciousness of who and what we are.


That reality along with a net revamp of our historical escapades as a species will amplify and catalyze to a degree our multidimensional evolution into our divine blueprint. (Thank you Juliet Carter and Alberto Hoffman)


The lifting of the Noospheric veil is very disorienting to the extent that is asking us to trust whole heartedly in the deep magic we sense within us. Perhaps it is our time coded wake button now being pushed, calling us forth to participate in a transitional transformational civilizational event, maybe not so unlike the past 21 of the last 23 civilizations that perished, not counting Atlantis, Lemuria etc. but perchance something different, perhaps a softly extracted rabbit out of the hat. A successful vertical manifestation of Gaianomics, a wholesale subscription to symbiotic life with the Planet.


How do we get there?


A Light Soma may be the new virus that expediently infects us all. A consciousness contagion, one that uplifts and unifies all of our bodies while simultaneously allowing our soul unbridled expression. New values for many will emerge, values that represent a loving acquiescence to qualitative survival, the common thread to all life.


So together we shall set sail, into the warm wetted westerly wind.





Love and Gratitude,


Robert Davis


Thank you,


To Allowance and the Grace of Time.


Photo Art: Rowena Pattee Kryder