The Neither lands and It’s OK

Afloat we be, So let’s set aside, The Polarean, Hyperborian, Lemurian, Atlantean cultural streams, The Mahabarata, The Vedas, The Upanishads, Urantia, Oahspe, The Secret Doctrine, ect., Theosophy, Anthroposophy,  Whitman, Blavatsky, Steiner, Gurdjieff, Meher Baba, Sri Auribindo, Osho and 1000’s more now and growing Exponentially, Daily.  Let’s also set aside the Annuunaki, The Sirian(Dog Star), Pleiadian, Arcturian etc cultures that have collided and are colliding time and time again with our historic/present timelines, they have a vested interest. Brush off the conscious archeological efforts of Dr. David Zink, Graham Hancock and others who said “wait a minute”. Dismiss the thousands of antiquital archeological sites above and below the Earth’s major resource WATER. Scoff at the obvious killings of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr. and untold others that became inconvenient.

Turn the other way from the 9/11 catastrophe and culpability of George Bush Jr, Let’s not scratch, but just the surface, of the malevolent deeds perpetrated by most all US Presidents in the name of freedom resulting in often heinous acts that spill upon the entire planet and its “had enough inhabitants”, Let’s welcome the new way and recognize it within ourselves, with new eyes.


A bow as we concurrently re-boot.



It is now a step up, the new field is clean and awaits the answers for a positive new day.


It is a better way day.


The time is, as I check, right about now.




Models are being called forth that account for Psycho/Physical/Spiritual/Economic life, New Symbiotic Economies, Life Harmonics and New Tribal Models. Arcosanti, Auroville, Findhorn, The Farm and others have been modeling harmonic’s for years. Balance is key as agrarian and urban systems come on-line fully sustainable. All simply to be calculated by what energy is sustainable and available and how we adapt, we will start to see the planet as if we just landed.



Breathe it in,    


Shunya Yantra


Cheers with Love.


Thank you: Lewis Mumford