Let’s go early to the dance, so we can find enough space to twirl.


We culturally are creating a new myth, one that requires balance to access. What models are afoot that defrock our current historic realities, The connection to our space family from many star systems, The deep illness  of being Human and a new wellness to heal it, The new economy and how the many can access it, A new UN based on Planetary survival, a major solution event now.


Take it to the limit one more time seems like one of my theme songs and yet the edge affords the view that changes things, the crunch in the munch and many are at the table, welcome.


Where we are, is the place to start, whatever one can do to create their deep peace and rest fully in their Heartfull allowance of entrainment with the light.


The light and the dark are seminal to creation, we now more and more can unveil the unfortunately, astounding heinous history of Humankind, with that concept on the table we can through Deep Honest Forgiveness release our Negative Ancestral Karma and heal at a Planetary scale, one  that translates into enough positive individual attention necessary for a survival photo finish.


Stay tuned to the light,


With Love,






Thank you



Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami for the Lemurian Scrolls.