Evolution pursuant to transitioning systems results from timeless karmas reflecting the past and the future. Pivot points along the spiral geometry of the evolutionary saga organically self correct sometimes with bumps, on a multitude of dimensional fields, we are a Starship getting ready to set sail into a rarefied sea of possibilities.

Positive possibilities need be our planetary mantra, one whispered consistently into our soul ear, the ear of deep hearing and illumined knowing.

Our collective harmonic knowing is bursting forth bud like amidst a cacophony of discordant frequencies, frequencies that catalyze the embryo of our collective becoming, one soul at a time.

The time of calling forth has begun, concurrent with the expanding reveal of our current culture from stem to stern.  A new frontier is us, as we navigate instinctively by our highest intuitions which have been coded with our life path for co-creation, adaptation and symbiosis in service to Planetary survival.

With an extinction event back drop we have the opportunity to take our attention to the next level the level required for the manifestation of a successful future.

It is happening, brewing in the hearts of millions who are being tempered into an understanding of creating and living a sacrosanct life and open to an Omniverse reality.

Cheers to the brothers and sisters in all life forms, as all sentient and non-sentient life is taking a step somewhere, advancing sentient camaraderie and palpable purpose moment by moment.

Our task is but to love, breathe, listen and dance the magic into form.



With Love,

Robert Davis