Yay Sayers and Nay Sayers Unite on this Memorial Occasion.

After months of propaganda, false positives and positive false’s we arrive a bit battered this Memorial Day assuming you are  alive in the present to experience it.

The finger pointing and mask wearing populace of Planet Earth has been through what appears to be yet another churning of who is on first let alone 2nd and 3rd with the pitcher up and no ball parks open to play in.

The cosmic drive to reveal who and what we are lys at the heart of our collective confusion. All be it, the Cabal, the Rockefeller’s, the Gates, the Carnegies, the Musks, off set and embellished by the Alex Jones,David Ickes and or Fox affiliates we see a less than intellectualized/ Wisdomatic/Spiritualized world groping for some context of immediate meaning amidst the backdrop of a fast approaching Omniverse reality.

Our educational systems are completely out of step with the emerging reality behind us and in front of us with very few pointing out the foibles of the absurdity.

The old normal, new normal has never been close to normal as 95% of the global culture has subscribed hook line and sinker into the photoshopped reality sold to them by the Global corporate state system for the purpose of perpetuating an imbalanced system resulting in Hunger, Income Inequality, Illness, Myopic perceptions and loss of personal Dharma. The American dream model as George Carlin aptly pointed out is real except you have to be asleep to have it. Then there is the mythical religious system on the planet that further ingrains the hypnosis of cultural control and Savioritis.

It is time to stand up culturally on our hind legs and reach for the stars, for that is our birthright and Planetary destiny, the sacredness of all life is the reality before us and clearly stated in the Vedas, Upanishads, the Bhaagavad Gita, the Mahabharata and creative channeled works such as Urantia, Ohaspe,The Secret Doctrine and others all illuminating the multidimensional reality that is our true home theater.

Enough of the veneer reality sold to us by the culture merchants in our current Dwapara Yuga. It is our time to buy long and invest in a Satya Yuga futures market focused on the Omniverse reality tugging at our Cosmic heels for acknowledgment.

We have choices, if only enough choose to embrace their deep ecology of being and purpose.

If only enough stand true to their destinies as stewards of a conscious world, then we will see the light at the end of the tunnel now and collectively reveal a Planet that is loving, healthy and a repository for all souls on their never ending journey home into the light of an eternal dawn.

With Love, Joy and Eternal Gratitude.

Thank you,

Robert Davis