Beyond Words and Stories.



As the cycles unfold revealing the underbelly of an antiquated decaying culture we are gifted by the radiant portrayal of a new culture emerging. One illumined with a sense of knowing and commitment to positive planetary symbiosis, health, wellbeing and rightfull livelihood, one that sanctifies the sacredness of life in all domains of existence.  We now wait patiently for the pandemic of fear to recede, revealing a new human, one internally transformed and ready to usher us into a new dimension of existence and collective being.

The collective dark night of the soul is upon us, truly allowing us to return as the wounded healer to reclaim our sovereignty as care givers to this wondrous planet and all it’s inhabitants.


We are as has been stated “The Ones We Have Been Waiting For”

It is not about effort, willing or practice, it simply is about being, being with full honesty, authenticity of who and what we are as a life form. The scripts are innate to our energy code and frequency of being, allowing with ease is our MO tantamount to the highest outcome of transformation.

It is an individual by individual process that collectivizes naturally as a result.





It is now


It is happening


It is light


It is love


It is grace






Thank you & Blessed Spring