What will it take?  


                   Individual Wellness is Essential




Based on the guests I have had the honor to host, who have all been asked the question of what can be done to thwart, minimize and or heal the tumultuous trends assailing our current Planetary reality, It has become clear that it is an inside individualized job.

To start with, we need to 1. Heal and Transform our Collective Trauma and Psychogenetic residues from insidious Historical Acts of Cruelty, 2.Develop Bi-Focal vision ( Seeing simultaneously the Light and the Dark of situations),3.Embody a Reverence and Sanctity for the Miracle of Life,4. Embrace a Lifestyle of Health and Fitness addressing all levels of our being, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Psychic and Spiritual while 5.Consciously living a life supported by Dharma( Rightful Purpose), Artha (Rightful Resources), Kama (Rightful Love) and Moksha (Rightful Liberation).

How then can we integrate the above stations of wellness into the abyss of todays challenging existence?


Zoom In.


In order to be effective and facilitate integration and transformation at this critical time I will be offering individualized sessions via Zoom to clients who are definitively ready to live a positive life, one supported with whole-body wellness.


If you are ready, please contact me for specific details and pricing, based on my time there will be a limited number of sessions available per week.



Welcome, to a Path Through.


With Love,