Cultural transformation has been discussed many times and many ways, promulgated by the illumined and not so illumined throughout all time. Maybe one track of conscious thought offers the cultural collective a better than 50/50 chance of surviving the next 50 years, what if there were pathways of optimum outcome vs. pathways of less than optimum outcomes. Would the variant species of human’s grok and realize the different options or possibilities for Planetary survival? Some would and some would not, can the Some of the would be enough too catalyze in time the cultural change needed?

Would that seeding group emanate enough invitational energy to attract the requisite number of cultural participants to stem the current tide of extreme planetary challenge and human extinction?

Frontier Theater’s goal is to advance yes, as an answer.

Can enough souls be ignited with the spark of positive transformation, so as to initiate the election of conscious representatives to all of our governing institutions immediately?

Can we disseminate enough information quickly in regard to the Matrix culture, clarifying as we go the cause and effect ramifications of our blind submission to an antiquated malefic cultural model comprising all Social, Political, Economic and Educational systems.

The information on how we got here and why, has never been in short supply. Karma, Destiny, Divine Timing, Evolution, etc. all of which reflect a facet to the ineffable continuum of our time and space existence, an existence framed by an Omniverse reality seeking perhaps only to self realize itself through all of life’s embodiments.


Survival now is dependent on all of our actions being conscious and integrated towards our individual self awakening which begets if graced an opportunity for Planetary survival.


A deep vertical cultural flip is needed now, tantamount to the energetic of a global pole reversal.





Gift yourself this holiday season with the space to receive, release and realize all that you are and join us as we discuss solutions over the next several weeks with Maurizio Benazzo, Drew Kampion, Chameli Ardagh and others.


With love,

Robert Davis



Thank you: Aldous Huxley