Your arrival into the present is detailed upon the path that brought you here. So goes the present, as a distillation of past and future on a multitude of dimensions. Our present future is upon us as our actions forge Creodes into the likelihood of our future. Our guests are asked the questions, What is your vision of a positive planetary future, What does the Map look like to get there and what tools are used to facilitate the consciousness necessary to enact and embody a new way of being?

A Vision

“And what great changes lie ahead in our capacities? Imagine such an expanse in our world. The next leap could perhaps incorporate, rather than attempting to exceed our previous learnings and abilities. Humans would retrieve the sense of beauty. The warm breeze would be filled with the fragrances and odors of the world; our seeing and hearing, smelling and tasting, thinking and dreaming would all swim together. We would no longer be censoring the scintillation of energy vibrating in the alpine meadow, but instead would feel in the whole of our inner world the changing shapes in clouds and experience a considerable sense of safety while lying beside a trusted friend or perhaps a mate. Simple kindness would evolve to profound mercy, with the inner world melting at the edge as the Eye of Beauty opened, and the fear that constricted around it and limited its focal length softened into trust in the process.”
– Stephen Levine

Thank you Stephen Levine for your light and grace of word.