Necessity Meets Conscious Action

Frontier Theatre

To each their truth, their world, their being amidst billions of others being, as well.

The octave or harmonic of convergent realities is upon us, replete with options for ease of integration and embodiment or perhaps it is simply the stimulus to respond similar to an organism when it senses obliteration, perhaps a little of both.

In any event our horizon time line is short, shorter than 5 years, more like 1 to 2 years for co-creating and allowing for a new planetary field ( Noosphere Style), a new planetary foundation that rests upon a new world market model that accommodates 9 Billion proportionately awakened souls. What does the model look and feel like? This question is one of the key questions we will address as we move through the Frontier Theater experience.

Layers of harmonic strata’s comprised of Economic, Social, Psychological and Spiritual levels will need to become attuned within an Omniverse perspective.
More and more each day more souls awaken and recognize the heart-full joy in participation in one of the greatest challenges and opportunities of this lifetime.

The opportunity to consciously live a dream into being.

The wines time is now.

Can we stop Carbon emissions immediately?
Can an alternative UN manifest and meet immediately?
Can we allow and invite the grace of this moment and opportunity into our life style of fully being?
Can we maintain the knowing of grace through all the moments of our days?


Thank you.

With Love,
Robert Davis

Thank you Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

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