How does a planet evolve? What are the dimensional time space parameters that demarcate trends of growth and or decay. How can we measure within a 3 dimensional context the evolution of Planet Earth? Are there signs and or catalytic points throughout our recorded history of individual’s and or events that have shaped the tenor of the planets spirit as it gropes its way towards some undetermined Omega point. Yes is the answer and it has occurred at least twice in our conventional assessment of recorded history the 600/400 BC and 1850/1950 axial period. These periods filled with luminous individuals have shaped the course of time and have through their star seeding efforts created Creodes of possibilities that were offered up to Humankind as evolutionary options and possibilities. Join me on this exploratory journey as we chronicle the sowers of star seeds and their magic bean properties as they have sprouted into the evolutionary matrix of the Planet. How then can we integrate this positive flow into positive individual and collective action is the actual question?

Light Transitions Media bows to the answers