Here we are. In a new time, and a new paradigm. How can we learn to grow in our own sovereignty, speaking our own truth – a truth that comes from unity?

It was my pleasure to spend some time discussing these and many other issues with Meredith Murphy, a Heart-full Way Seer and Interpreter of these times.

Meredith Murphy is a syndicated writer, channel and artist, exploring the leading edge of human potential and the re-imagining of civilization through the creation of new paradigms for Earth.

She is the founder of Expect Wonderful, a global community of awakening beings of over 13,000 members who come together regularly for events, sharing, dialogue and co-creation. Meredith is an inspiring voice for conscious evolution, self-expression, authenticity and optimism.

Based in Los Angeles, Meredith is especially fond of long dog walks, jazz, hiking in the mountains, reading, sharing ideas and learning.

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