We’re on the global transformation fast track. Change is afoot, and the evolution is being described and shared by amazing individuals like Prema Gaia.

In this episode of Light Transitions Radio, we talk with Prema Gaia about promoting New World Consciousness, as we close on the end of 2012.

After working as an event producer, a videojournalist, a model, and a publicist, Prema Gaia received compelling inner guidance to give away all of her possessions, stop using money and embark on a Truth-Quest of indeterminate length.

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Several years of studying the world’s wisdom traditions, spiritual practices and healing arts followed. Prema traveled extensively and met or studied with a diverse range of spiritual teachers including: Baba Hari Dass, Shree Maa, A.H. Almaas, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Ammachi, Jack Kornfield, Tenzin Palmo, Mother Meera, Ajahn Amaro and others.

The chronicle of her amazing journey is a must-read.

“One thing that I’ve gleaned from all of this is that it is now time to embrace the totality of who I am, “shadow” and all. Also, my intuition now makes it clear to me much more quickly, if my Heart is not saying “yes” to something. Conversely, I notice that I feel incredibly activated when I am working on projects that are in attunement with my Higher Purpose, which is to serve during the planetary shift that is underway. I now realize that Spirit orchestrated everything perfectly by giving me a business degree and a background in publicity, because there are so many inspiring and enheartening service projects to help promote during this time of Global Shift. My prayer is that I may always trust the Divine Pattern, although my mind may never be able to cognize it, and that I may follow my truest heart-guidance, for the benefit of all beings.”

Prema now works as a freelance writer and lives at Hummingbird Community, a community dedicated to the evolution of consciousness.  http://www.hummingbirdcommunity.org .

Find Prema on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PremaGaiaWriter .