What does the wake up call for humanity sound like? Are we ready as individuals and a culture for the planet-wide transformation at hand? It was my honor to spend some time talking about transformation with the insightful Nicolya Christi.

Nicolya Christi is an instrumental new voice for our times. She has already gathered the attention of Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo and other evolutionary leaders as a new voice for today’s generation of awakening co-creators of the post 2012 world.

Nicolya is the author of ‘2012: A Clarion Call: Your Soul’s Purpose in Conscious Evolution’ (Published by Bear & Co Spring 2011). Ervin Laszlo endorsed this book quoting, “The most remarkable spiritual book on this or any other subject that I have ever read.” Barbara Marx Hubbard wrote the Foreword. It was placed in the top ten of Spring 2011 book reviews by Publishers Weekly.

She recently released “Ego/Self: A Fairy Tale.” Enjoyed by adults and children alike, it tells the story of the ego, from its origins in our own lives, to its integration with the Self. This Fairytale is unique, for it approaches the ego in a different way from any other psychological teaching or spiritual philosophy.

Nicolya is also the author of ‘2012: A Clarion Call: Book of Meditations’ (Self-Published April 2012), ‘New Human–New Earth: Living in the 5th Dimension’ (Self-Published April 2012), co-author ‘2013:The Beginning is Now’, along with Ervin Laszlo, Jose Arguelles, Llewellyn Vaughn–Lee, Marc Van Stone, Jim Young, Geoff Stray, Carl Johan Calleman, Gill Edwards, Eden Sky, Miguel Angel Vergara, Teressena and Martien Bakens, Alluna Joy Yaxk’in (published March 2011) and is a contributing writer for Ervin Laszlo’s and Kingsley Dennis’s soon to be published book, ‘WorldShift 2020: The New Vision: Exploring Evolving Horizons‘. She is the founder of WorldShift Movement, co-founder of WorldShift International (with Kingsley Dennis) and a co-initiator of WorldShift 2012.

For the past three years Nicolya’s work has been almost exclusively focused upon the unprecedented moment for humanity as represented by the times in which we live, most especially 2012 and leading up to the auspicious and profound date of 21.12.12.

She is primarily focused on supporting and informing, through sharing the message of her Work, guiding both the individual and the collective towards personal and global transformation.

Nicolya has been sounding the ‘Wake Up Call’ (Clarion Call) for Humanity, supporting thousands of people across the world to not only consciously prepare for the transformational experience of 21.12.12, yet also in how to navigate beyond this date and co-create a new world paradigm. She is a voice for those consciously awake and for frontline campaigners and co-creators of a post 2012 world.

Nicolya has been present on Facebook since January 2012 and uses her Facebook Wall as a teaching platform. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002787825791.

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