Episode 2012-12

Is it possible to see your “practical” life as a “spiritual life?” Do you know how to turn everyday experiences into practical spiritual experiences.

In this episode of Light Transitions Radio, we talk about the skill of Practical Spirituality and the nature of Envisioning Consciousness with Kashonia Carnegie.

Kashonia suggests that by practicing Practical Spirituality, not only will you ‘raise’ your consciousness so that you can smoothly integrate the higher energetic frequencies now flowing down on us; you’ll also achieve happiness, contentment, and peace.

Kashonia Carnegie, PhD, is a Sustainability Ethicist & Philosopher and writer. She’s a former ‘professor’ of ethics, leadership, and change at Australia’s University of Adelaide and University of Queensland, and for a couple of years she taught Ecotourism Interpretation strategies to the nature guides at Singapore’s National Parks Board.

Kashonia left school at 15; caught wild donkeys in outback Australia; before becoming Australia’s first female oil company representative. Following these experiences she spent 14 years as a talk-back radio broadcaster on capital city stations.

At the age of 40, Kashonia began university studies as a 1st year undergraduate student and continued through to obtain a PhD in Philosophy, focusing on Virtue Ethics, Sustainability, and Raising Consciousness.

Having spent the past 35 years studying, speaking, and presenting workshops on human potential and change; today, Kashonia is the founder of the online magazine Envisioning Consciousness which explores practical spirituality for down-to-earth people.

Visitors to her website are invited to join her free Envisioning Consciousness community by filling in the opt-in form.  For the next 9 months you’ll receive a free weekly downloadable mp3 of an interview with some of the leading speakers on consciousness raising, sustainability, and this time on our planet. Also, after the end of June all community members will receive a free report entitled “What is Consciousness”.