I have something important and deeply personal to share with you. It’s a project I’ve spent 30 years working on.

It’s called The Raw Spirit Diet.

As a listener to Light Transitions Radio, you know that each of us as individuals are connected to our community, our planet, and our cosmos. We are not separate from these realms – rather we are inextricably linked to all of them. However, we do in fact live as individuals.

And so personal transformation and fulfillment starts with each of us.

The Raw Spirit Diet is an open, adaptable framework for each of us to achieve happiness in our lives, by looking at life holistically and dimensionally.The Raw Spirit Diet helps manifest personal and planetary transformation.

What is The Raw Spirit Diet? It is not a recipe, a formula, or a strict regimen. Rather, is an adaptable framework of intention, acceptance, gratitude and imagination.

The Raw Spirit Diet is a framework of mindfulness and attention that you can integrate into your daily life as need and desire allows – achieving the benefits whenever you choose. It’s an open and compassionate pathway – never judging – that provides kindling for your own unique fire.

The program consists of videos demonstrating a 7-day practice. I have written an informative guidebook that is included, and members of the Raw Spirit Diet community will have access to a members-only forum where we learn and share together. I’ll be posting updates there and hosting Q&A’s.

It is with humility and excitement that I offer the Raw Spirit Diet to you. It represents the core of what I know to be true, and is the practice I follow on a daily basis. By accessing Light, Sound, Breath, Physical Exercise, Physical Food, Planetary and Noospheric Integration your body will feel rejuvenated, and every level of your being will be regenerated.

The Raw Spirit Diet is the synthesis of more than 30 years of work, study and personal experience, and I am confident that it can help you experience a higher level of vitality. The Diet will give you the tools you need to get started on your own path. Together, as positive, open-hearted individuals, we are co-realizing planetary transformation, one conscious breath at a time.Now.

Please visit RawSpiritDiet.com to learn more and to get started.