Episode 2012-10


In this episode of Light Transitions Radio, we explore a new model of community development with Lopez Community Land Trust Executive Director Sandy Bishop. In the face of land speculation and difficult economic pressures, how can we develop sustainable communities through affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, and other dynamic development programs? And how can we extend these models planet-wide?

Community land trusts are one example of how human settlement is evolving; we also find it to be one of the most inspiring alternative models.

Sandy Bishop currently serves as the executive director of the Lopez Community Land Trust (LCLT). She was a co-founder of LCLT in 1989 and has served as its executive director for over 13 years. She has been a resident of Lopez Island since 1979.

In addition to creating affordable housing neighborhoods she was the project manager for the Seed Library, Lopez Skate Park, Lopez Children’s Center, Sally’s Garden project, which includes the community garden and Farmers Market spaces.

She serves as the chair of the SJC Housing Bank Commission and the Islands Energy Coalition and remains involved in Lopez Village Planning and is active on the Lopez Solid Waste Advisory committee.

Some of the projects she has worked on have received recognition in the New York Times and have been awarded regional and national awards. She lives with her partner Rhea and together they teach and speak regionally and nationally on the subject of unleashing the power of community. She has promoted non-violence in walks across the USA and in Japan and Palestine/Israel.