Episode 2012-6

We are once again honored by Keith Wyatt and the Awakening as One project. Keith, in the midst of transformational prognostications, was kind enough to share a retrospective of his process “The Art of Awakening As One,” and talk about some of his exciting, on the ground work in community development.

With formal training and experience in film and theater production, Keith Wyatt has relinquished all ambitions for career and self, in order to commit the total sum of his available skills, resources and creativity into expanding global perspectives of oneness through the Evolutionary Light movement Awakening As One. Awakening As One exists for the sole purpose of inspiring and encouraging humanity to see the divine purpose and perfection of all beings, and events… as one.

Since its launch on May 24th, 2010,  Awakening As One’s inspiring videos have reached over a million people around the world, and have been translated into over 20 languages.

Keith is now working on the upcoming release of Awakening As One’s new film titled, “2012 The Return to One”; which will be released this May, and which will be available on the webpage along with previous releases at: AwakeningAsOne.com