From an energetic perspective 2012 is a truly momentous year. All around us, a combustible mixture of different energies are converging – producing individual as well as planetary stresses. However, these same energies also provide incredible opportunities for each of us.

Although the focus of my work is on creating new paradigm food and energetic systems for years I have worked in a personal consulting role with individuals, guiding them through change and opportunity.

As 2012 develops, I have decided to open up space in my coaching and guidance practice for a limited time.

My service is geared to ameliorating the natural light transition we face moment to moment, as we transform into a new being amidst a burgeoning new planetary culture.

“Robert Davis has profound experiential understanding of Kundalini and other forms of spiritual awakenings. I have known him for more than 1.5 years now and it’s been a beautiful journey under his guidance and support. His help has been instrumental to me in understanding and embracing my Kundalini transformation process. He is truly a light to me and my gratitude towards him is beyond words.”
~ Vaibhav

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