Episode 2012-5

We intuitively understand that Breath is the Foundation. It is so much more than that, however.

Sensing is the doorway to feeling and living. Emotional roller coasters are not tools of feeling. They are the fear pathways of old energy, fear, and survival. Sensing is the experience offered to us when we are willing to let our Spirit/Soul self lead, rather than the mind of trained fear.

Imagine the transformative and energetic potential that is accessible through the conscious integration of breath into sense.

This is powerful stuff.

Recently, we were honored to spend time talking about these issues and much more with Norma Delaney.

After retiring from a successful career in business, Norma Delaney began the journey on her spiritual path, receiving a Doctorate of Divinity, and developing her gift for channeling through her exploration of automatic writing.

Initially, she offered classes for small groups, which opened the doorway to her profound connection with Kuan Yen. It is this relationship with the Goddess of Compassion that helped launch her career as a professional teacher, healer and channel.

Norma was instrumental in assisting the connection with many channels, including Lee Carroll and Kryon, Geoffrey Hoppe and Tobias, as well as Steve Rother and the Light Connection.

Some have called her the Teachers’ Teacher.

Norma moved to Colorado in 2001 where she actively supports the Crimson Circle. She has chosen many experiences that nurtured the discovery of the Authentic Self. And today, she travels the world teaching others to express their Authentic Voice.