Episode 2012-2

Change is a profound experience. A wild experience, even. But change can also be a journey to and through wisdom. In this episode of Light Transitions Radio, we explore that journey with Christa Thompson.

Christa Thompson is an inspiring example of a powerful, successful woman who reached a turning point in her life. The founder of Wild and Wise Women, Christa chose to embark on a personal transformation that has come to inspire thousands of others to do the same.

Christa experienced a pivotal change as she came into her 40s – a deep need to know herself and deepen relationships. She longed to find a community she could call her own, where it would be safe to share and learn through this very personal and significant journey. In her instinctive entrepreneurial spirit, she created just such a community, now over 10,000 strong and growing every day.

Christa is an intuitive communicator, which has guided her to become a Certified Human Resources Professional, a Certified Dream Coach, a thought-provoking Speaker, and the creator of a Vision Training program for teams and organizations. This program has been instrumental in bringing about immense positive corporate culture shifts, as well as personal transformation for staff and Management teams.