Episode 2012-1

99% of the world believes that HIV causes AIDS and quickly death, that HIV is sexually transmitted and that AIDS drugs are life-saving.

In this episode of Light Transitions Radio, we spend time with David Crowe, who suggests that these assertions are false.

David Crowe is on the scientific advisory board of AnotherLook.org, is the President of RethinkingAIDS.com and president and founder of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society (aras.ab.ca).

He was formerly president and then CFO of the Alberta Greens and is the CFO of both the Vision 2012 Society to found a new Green party in Alberta and the Calgary West Green Party of Canada EDA. He was chairman and lead organizer of the RA 2009 conference in California.

David has an HBSc (First class, Science Gold Medal) in Biology and Mathematics from Lakehead University (1978). He pursued graduate studies in taxonomy on a full NSERC scholarship at UBC but then segued into computer science.

David has published peer-reviewed articles in the areas of taxonomy/phylogenetics and computer science and has published several technical letters on HIV and AIDS in major journals like Lancet and JAMA. Atechnical analysis of flaws in the science claiming that breastfeeding is dangerous for HIV+ mothers, co-authored with three experts on breastfeeding, was too hot for major medical journals and can now be found on the http://anotherlook.org website. He has published annotated bibliographies on the subjects of HIV/AIDS testing, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, transmission and progression based on a survey of several thousand scientific papers. He has also written for several popular health magazines.

David co-founded the podcast howpositiveareyou.com with Christine Maggiore and continued it with Celia Farber and Terry Michael.

Also, if possible, http://rethinkingaids.com