Episode 2011-28

In this epsiode of Light Transitions Radio, we talk with noted Intuitive Counselor Lynn Gardner. According to Lynn, we are in a period of purification that ultimately will lead to a new era of renewal and joy. The world will transform dramatically, but you can determine how you experience those changes.

We talk with Lynn about how each of us can be the architect of our own future, shifting from vulnerable to strong, reactive to responsive, anxious to calm. Lynn leads groups in exercises that tap into intuitive cognitive abilities and spiritual creativity. She offers guided imagery to envision ourselves in the world we are moving into.

Lynn Gardner evokes spiritual abilities, human capacities and transformational change. After a near-death experience sparked a spontaneous opening of paranormal abilities, she studied with Drs. Jean Houston and Gay Luce and was evaluated as an intuitive, medium and trance channel at Duke University. Lynn has appeared on national TV and radio and in documentaries. She conducts group and offer private intuitive counseling sessions, as well as leads Journeys of Transformation to sacred sites around the world.

Lynn’s latest offering (available at www.LynnGardner.com) is the new DVD “Voice of Light: Today and Beyond 2012 Predictions.” She details an uplifting message about the world we live in with the upcoming changes, and shares meditation through award-winning music that was mathematically created from the ancient Mayan calendar. In the DVD she also leads participants in guided meditation to help imagine and visualize the world of tomorrow.