Episode 2011-21

In this episode of Light Transitions Radio, we talk about exciting new developments in wind power generation with the CEO of Master Flo Technology, Edward Desaulniers.

Master Flo is an environmentally-inclined manufacturer of the Vortex Wind Funnel Turbine and printing press accessory equipment. The wind funnel’s patented “Conical Frustum” design is bird-safe due to its high surface area design. It also almost eliminates shadow flicker associated with 3 blade propeller style turbines. It comes complete with Grid Tie Inverter and Turbine Controls.

vortex-wind-funnelA graduate of the University of Concordia University Economic Department , Edward Desaulniers started his environmental career in the Graphic Arts industry, including three years at Xerox. For the past decade, focused on reducing the environmental impact the printing process has on the world.

However, knowing he could do more, in 2009 he started Master Flo Wind with the acquisition of the vortex wind turbine. He hopes his passion to electrify the world with clean, bird-safe technology will more broadly transform the planet.