Episode 2011-19

It was our pleasure to spend this episode of Light Transitions Radio listening to and speaking with Alana Woods. Her work on sound healing is important in these times, as we all must focus on deep listening – and hearing the music of our own souls. We begin the interview with an excerpt from “A Familiar Room” on Alana’s CD “Music to Heal the Family Soul.”

Alana Woods has spent her life using her knowledge of music and sound (hearing inner music) to help her own life and to help others. She is classically trained in art and music. Her background includes playing piano music to heal herself as a child during the first twenty years of her life, plus intensive study with pioneers in the fields of music/healing/consciousness.

She evolved her own work, and in 1998, after spending a month in Greece teaching on an island and traveling, she had an experience in a Greek temple grounds that turned her focus to  “prescriptive sound”, known in the world now as Music Medicine.

She has traveled and taught in Greece, Ireland and the U.S. Her background also includes a profession as a Unity Minister, Clinical Aromatherapist, and Certified Music Practitioner. A researcher, sound consultant, teacher and musician on harp for 35 years, she has also had a private practice as sound therapist, working with an acoustic sound table with different adverse populations of people, including a dying center, and mentally challenged children and adults. She has attended healing schools in this country and has journeyed to India for spiritual studies and initiations.

Alana is also a storyteller-harpist, telling “Musical Tales for the Inner Being”, tales of transformation, which is a healing art form for the “child within us all”. She has had a long time interest in pre-and perinatal psychology, development of babies before birth and early years of life, inspired from her own birth story.