Episode 2011-15

The survival of the fittest will one day be replaced by the flourishing of the most cooperative” ~~Bird Tribes, Native American

In this episode of Light Transitions Radio, we explore the cooperative spirit behind Next World TV, with it’s creator Bibi Farber.

An online video “magazine” that has grown to nearly 6,000 subscribers in its first 6 months, Next World TV builds awareness about moving toward a more self- sufficient and empowered, healthy and sustainable life. The site aims to give voice to a new dialogue involving how we think about food, time, work, money and community video.

The site is produced by Bibi Farber, a pop/rock singer/ songwriter/ guitarist from New York City. Growing up partially in Sweden, Bibi learned about “sustainability” simply by being in a culture that does not live as wastefully as the United States, where deeply held traditions of respect for nature and resources are not overwritten by a grotesque consumer culture.

In 2008 she became fascinated with the predicament of Peak Oil. The deeper message that “the era of growth is over” resonated deeply. Whether or not there are oil reserves that we can expend tremendous amounts of energy to extract are in the ground or not is beside the point to her: the cheap easy oil we based our entire economy, food systems and living arrangements – all the necessities of modern life — is soon to be gone forever.

She came away from her explorations of the topic with the sense that there needed to be a broader conversation on the issue. Shortly thereafter, the creator of BrasscheckTV handed her the keys to start Next World TV under the same umbrella. He gave one directive: it should all be about SOLUTIONS. Alternative energy, food choices, natural building, eco- villages, permaculture — find video content about constructive initiatives that deserve attention.”

She is thrilled and inspired by the surprising success of something she thought would mostly appeal to a fringe group of people.

Seeing first hand the explosion in demand for new ways of doing things and new ways of thinking about our culture prompted her to write the songs  “The World Is Waking Up Right Now” and “Global Climate Change In All Our Hearts” available for download in June of 2011 (contact bibifarber@earthlink.net)

Listen to “The World is Waking Up Right Now”

Bibi’s music has been heavily licensed in TV shows, over 300 uses to date, as well as national commercials, including Kodak and a Sopranos promo on A&E. Listen to more of her work at at www.bibifarber.com.