Episode 2011-10

What are the connections between each of us and the divine feminine? What is it that links us to each other, to the Earth, and to those who have come before? In this episode of Light Transitions radio, Jasmin Starrchild discusses an emerging rediscovery of our maternal lineage.

As a Shamanic Priestess of many traditions, Jasmin Starrchild has dedicated years to the study of metaphysics and has since come to believe that ceremonial menstruation is the missing link to reclaiming ancestral wisdom. When women remember to enter their monthly ceremony, sit down and connect with the planet, we will see a global sisterhood emerge.

Jasmin is a spiritual guide, ritual facilitator, alchemical healing practitioner, writer and spirit dancer. She now focuses her time on re-awakening the divine feminine by sharing her message and inspiring women around the world to return their monthly flow to the Earth in prayer.

According to Jasmin,

“By going within and connecting our personal moon time to the cycles of nature, we collectively unite as one force of love and compassion”

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