Episode 2011-11

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova has captured a unique snapshot of the continuum experience of life that I believe is vital as a whole systems perception of dimensional existence.

So often even the greatest minds and seers of these times truncate the vital and necessary segue experience of birth – from one dimension to the next. Elena’s work is a cornerstone piece that I believe is critical to our holistic relationship to the full life experience, and correlational to our melding into a new planetary culture, replete with divine understanding.

Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova is a Russian visionary with an Italian last name, living in California, who, after 25 years of intense soul-searching, is now sharing her insights on the mechanisms and tools for creating our own reality.

Her documentary on natural birth – ‘Birth As We Know It‘ – is in 48 countries world-wide and has revolutionized the thoughts and theories around the birth process and the impact our birth experiences have on our perceptions of life in the Present.

Elena had her first formal training in Russia at the College of Arts in theater. Since 1982 working closely with the waterbirth pioneer Igor Charkovsky, she moved on to organizing birth camps at the Black Sea and delivering babies amidst wild dolphins. Together, they launched a program of natural delivery and birth trauma release for adults as well as for babies.

From Elena’s website,  www.birthintobeing.com:

The quality of our civilization largely depends on the way we procreate. The way we arrive into this world defines our capacity for love, compassion, intimacy. Conscious conception and birth are an integral part of conscious living.

When parents create a new baby in full awareness of the effect their actions and thoughts have on their unborn child, humankind is given another chance to thrive.

We, as spiritual beings, have the capacity to experience the transformative power of birth that connects us with deeper understanding of life. When a new human being that did not exist before, enters into our world, the veil separating our reality from the Great Unseen becomes very transparent for a short period of time. This gives us an opportunity to experience, first hand, the ecstatic bliss of ONENESS with all, a state in which separation does not exist, where Love prevails.

When Love is an integral part of the birthing field, a woman has access to the power of creation that is working through her. The more power there is in her field the less force she will need to use, because Love is a highly coherent field. And visa versa: the less power she has, the more force it would require to deliver a baby.

In the beginning every one of us was a tiny infant – speechless, vulnerable, in desperate need of love and care.

In our soft, warm hands we are holding the keys to the thriving of our species! We have the capacity to enhance the quality of life in one generation through bringing our loving, conscious awareness into our people-making practices. Birth is a powerful initiation, a rite of passage for all involved, which enables us to create a beautiful Life on this planet. It is our birthright!”