Episode 2011-6

It was an honor to spend time with the visionary Wilhelmina McKittrick. In our wide-ranging discussion, we talked about the importance – the necessity – of connecting with your heart in order to navigate change . I found Wilhelmina’s message inspiring, and hope you do as well.

Wilhelmina McKittrick was born and raised in The Netherlands and moved to the U.S.A. in 2001. She is a mom, artist, radio host, author, life coach, energy re-director and wife. The world is her playground.

Wilhelmina went through deep losses in her life.  After first abruptly losing her fiancé in 1998, she lost her son the same way in 2007.  Their life ended in a car accident out of which she, twice, miraculously survived.  This had great impact on her life. With the guidance and help of beyond, she went through it and opened up more and more, as time moved on, to her true self.

Through clairvoyance, clairaudience and emphatic sensitivity she learns, teaches and guides. The lessons she received from Spirit are all build around how to heal the self from the conditioning we have allowed ourselves to live in, so we can make the shifts in consciousness in a smooth way.

She has written three books: Xsist – for Reflection & Contemplation with your inner-self, in which she shares the lessons and guidance she received from Spirit in the first few years of her conscious spiritual awakening. She wrote a spiritual novel titled Moradyga – A Place Beyond Time, and Self-Awareness  – Rediscovering Your Truth. Guidance, lessons and understandings were shared to help mankind breakdown the walls around them.

Visit Wilhelmina’s websites to learn more about her work: