Episode 2011-4

According to sound visionary Vickie Dodd, the energy that we call ‘sound’ is but one of many frequencies and energetic geometries that surround us and give us wisdom. Yet it’s power is immense.

It was truly a gift to spend some time talking with Vickie about the role of sound in healing and transformation. Through Vickie, we are reminded that sound is only as powerful as the conciousness, and what is available to be received.

Vickie Dodd has been a pioneer of the use of sound for healing and transformation for over 40 years. Director of SoundBody Productions and the School for Sound and Sacred Arts, Vickie is an internationally known pioneer in the field of Sound as a Bodywork. She is an Aston-Patterning Teacher, author, poet, nutritionist, herbalist, workshop leader and musician. She has trained with many master teachers in the art of body therapies and spiritual purification tools.

The essence of Vickie’s work is a multi-dimensional approach to using Sound as an evolutionary tool, emphasizing maturation of the emotional body. Vickie has the rare ability to “sense” the subtle rhythm, vibrations, and tones that all matter produces. She uses her remarkable gift of “sounding” to match the unique soundprint of a person. To this sensitivity she has added serious study and exploration into the curative aspects of sound, color and movement.

Vickie has designed a system that integrates emotional memories within the physical body and facilitates the release of long held emotional distress. She has consulted with organizations and professional groups, assisting them to address specific issues they encounter in their work and life responsibilities. Vickie teaches others how to listen to themselves and to use their voices to recapitulate the memories and history that resides in their bodies. These teachings empower and educate the serious sound student to direct and evolve their emotional and physical maturation.

Vickie is the author of the book Tuning The Blues to Gold, and several CD’s including her new release Rest Assured, Parasympathetic Resonance. Vickie has been working and teaching Sound as a Bodywork for several decades. She hosts the 5 day Sacred Sound Intensive at the Olympic Park Institute on Lake Crescent each June.

Much of her work over the past 12 years has been in Switzerland. She is grateful to be returning to teach more on her homeland.