Based on the times of shifting paradigms we are all asked at some point to accept change as a constant. It is through the experience of change that the diamond is forged, the diamond of surrender.

It is not a surrender steeped in loss but a surrender of acceptance. A surrender that allows for opportunity and grace, a surrender that is supported by the divine. Allowing our ego to be free of constraint and control is the gift of compassion we can offer ourselves and our fellow travelers along the journey of this life.

The journey now and up around the bend is truly the journey along the pathway of conscionable surrender.

From DailyOm:

“Even small moments of surrender are powerful indicators of how different our lives could be if we would only let go. We‚ve all had the experience of extending huge amounts of effort and energy to reach a particular goal only to realize that we can‚t make it happen after all. At the moment of letting go, realizing that we need to ask for help or simply release our agenda entirely, a profound feeling of relief may rush over us. This warm, open sensation is the essence of surrender, and if we didn‚t feel that we didn‚t really let go. But it is never too late to let go, even of things in the past that didn‚t work out the way we wanted them to, because surrender is always an option in every moment of our lives. ?”

Seeing the illusion is step one; surrendering is step two; trusting is step three…