Program 2011-1

As 2010 drew to a close, and shortly before the Winter Solstice, we were honored to have a few minutes of “illumination” with the the warm and generous Lalo Singh. We discuss the impact of positive energy and planetary alignment on our individual and global destinies, and end with a special message of unification.

Lalo Singh is a Tantric Buddhist born of African slaves, the Choctaw Mississippi Mound Peoples, the Rajisthani Gypsies of India and the Peoples of Scotland. She is a ceremonial singer and drummer with an important message about the upcoming cosmic and earthly alignment with the common date of 2012.

Lalo is a member of the Dharma fellowship, a Tibetan Buddhist Hermitage located on Denman Island BC Canada. Self-educated in the areas of Space Weather, Metaphysics, Meditation and Yogic practices, Lalo is also a social activist, taking part in numerous demonstrations and actions in the 90’s by a group she helped to co-found called ‘Roots of Resistance.”

You can find her at The Whirling Rainbow Collective website: