Program 2010-12

What happens when humans join intentionally with each other and with the Earth Mother, to pursue personal and planetary peace and understanding? In this interview, we talk with Marilyn and Tohmas Twintrees about the necessity of embodying change now to help us realize our potential in the future.

Marilyn and Tohmas TwintreesMarilyn and Tohmas are the founders of the Elementals of Life organization, the Peace Across the The Planet project, and their home base

Elementals of Life is the living, breathing 501(c)3 non-profit organization co-created by Marilyn and Tohmas Twintreess with their Spirits in 1996. The Intent of EOL is Respect for All Life, and its activities have focused on offering ways that humans can joyfully and respectfully join with all other beings on the planet in fun/celebration, in sacred ceremony, and conscious evolution.

EOL’s first project was a series of 4 Festivals of the Little People™, which took place on sacred land in northern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin in the late 90’s, and brought together humans from all over the world to join with each other and the Elementals, and the Devas, Gnomes, Faeries, and all others who chose to respectfully participate. The Festivals were no smoking/drugs/alcohol and were organic vegan events.

Out of the Festivals were born 2 CD’s that directly carry the words and ways of Spirit within them. These offerings are “The Language of Love”, telling the story, in words and music, of the original inhabitants of the land on which the Festivals were held, and “One Voice, Many Bodies,” a spoken poem/meditation of the herstory of the Earth with musical and natural sound accompaniment. Both are powerful tools for re-minding us what living and breathing in these Earth bodies is truly about. EOL also sponsored a peace concert in Tucson, AZ, in 1997 as an opportunity for all beings of respect to join each other within the ways of the new paradigm, with sacred ceremony and the sounds of crystal bowls.

EOL’s latest offering, the Peace Across the Planet Project, began as an invitation from the Shiva Lingam stones in June, 2008 for humans to join intentionally with them and the Earth Mother in anchoring the Intent for Peace throughout and beyond all parts of the planet, respectfully.

Shiva Lingams are Stones that form naturally, miraculously, in the Narmada River in India. Composed mostly of quartzite, chalcedony and agate, there are several theories of how they form their bodies and their varied markings, including the possibility that they come from a meteorite having landed in the River many ages ago. They have been traditionally harvested by local monks at specific times of the year. Their classic “lingam” shape is mostly created in the turbulence of the forceful river. The monks traditionally would hand finish and continue to smooth their surface and then wax or oil them before standing them in Temples.